The PASA Connect Personal Development Day
“Grow yourself, build your personal brand”

In many ways, working from home has made it harder for individuals to grow ; to experience new things, to meet new people, to learn.

As a Christmas special, PASA Connect is running a FREE online personal development day (for our members only).

We have recruited 8 experts on different aspects of personal growth and structured them into a compelling online event to help our members grow faster.

Almost all of our chosen experts have had significant experience with procurement people and working with our function.

The bedrock of the day is right at the start – Defining & developing your own personal brand

Julissa Shrewsbury is one of this country’s leading authorities on personal branding and is presenting exclusively for PASA Connect members at this session.

In this high-energy online session, you will discover why a personal brand matters in today’s workplace. You will learn how your personal brand is shaped, with or without your knowledge and you will be challenged to get clear on your own personal brand in order to stand out and orchestrate meaningful, influential conversations with others.

Throughout the day we will be offering unique insights and expert advice on how to form your personal brand through:

– Better influencing

– Deeper business relationships

– Stronger leadership

– Sharper networking skills

– Clearer applications with tailored interview performance

Finally, we will end up with your chance to undertake a free, private procurement skills assessment and receive your own confidential individual ‘spider-graph’ skills gap analysis to then forge your own ‘70-20-10’ structured PDP to support your personal growth in 2023.

Secure your place at this PASA online event now, using our fabulous REMO platform – FREE and exclusive to PASA CONNECT members this Christmas,





Introduction and welcome with PASA host

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA


& developing your personal brand

Who are you, what do you stand for, your values, and what do
people get when they buy your personal brand? And how does a personal-brand
work for you? 

Julissa Shrewsbury, Director – New Work


your influencing skills

Regardless of your pathway, in the modern
world we all have to be better at influencing others – but how can we do this
better and more easily?

Sarah Morgan, Founder and Leadership Coach –
Sarah Morgan Academy


Coffee and networking break



procurement’s missing skillset, empathy built upon EQ, to build stronger
business relationships

Regardless of your own EQ levels and
listening skills – how can we build empathy with suppliers AND stakeholders
and strengthen our SRM / CRM based relationships with them?

Mary Goodwin, Partner – One People in


How to
become a leader in procurement

What’s the difference between leadership
& management – and how can I develop and demonstrate my own leadership

Isabelle Phillips, Consulting Partner –
Mackerel Sky


Lunch and networking break



& optimising your networking skills

Networking is the top-up business case to
attend procurement events – but what is networking exactly and how can you truly
build then practice these skills as a business -tool in reality?

Imelda Walsh, Director – The Birmont Group


for your promotion

Do you have the capability to match your
ambition, and how do you practice working for a promotion, without being
clumsy, inappropriate or just too eager? And how do you vary your approach in
smaller/flatter structures -v- larger/deeper teams?

Kylie Chain, Executive Coach and Consultant


Afternoon tea and networking break



your job application

Whether seeking a role internally or
externally, how do you match your experience and specific attributes to the
job requirements, and still keep your resume brief, yet get it to stand out


for your JOB interview

How do you answer the most difficult
interview question? What are your USPs and how do you prepare thoroughly for
an interview, in just a short-time?

Dee Clarke, Managing Director – Procurement


your own skill set and forging your own private gap-analysis

How do you assess yourself, and particularly
your level and scope of professional knowledge in procurement, where are your
personal skill gaps exactly? Try out this FREE procurement skills assessment
tool online, and learn how to best use it.

Ben Shute FCIPS, CEO – Comprara Pty Ltd


What are the realistic options for staying
engaged with best practice throughout the procurement industry … and for the
lowest-cost too? How can you deploy the 70/20/10 model effectively and for
very low cost in 2023? 

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA


Wrap up and close of day

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA