The primary benefit for PASA CONNECT members are frequent expert-led round table, seminar and workshop sessions.

Expert-led Round-tables

All round-table sessions are led by expert facilitators, meaning you get the chance to draw on their extensive knowledge and experience, as well as that of the other participating members.

Round-table Formats 

Under the COVID 19 restrictions these round-tables are all being delivered virtually, using Zoom. The response from members to the virtual round-tables has been so positive that it is likely that the majority of round-tables will continue to be conducted this way once restrictions are eased.

Topics, Categories & Roles

Round-tables are arranged based on:

Topics –  technical procurement skills, soft skills, business/procurement acumen, specialist knowledge

Categories – primarily focused on the major indirect categories

Roles –  Bringing together procurement professionals with common interests and responsibilities

Frequency and Duration

PASA Connect conducts 5 – 6 virtual round-tables per week, focused on a wide range of topics, roles and categories. The round-tables last for between one to one-and-a-half hours

Schedule of Round Tables

The schedule of Round Tables can be found by clicking on the Round-tables Calendar tab on the top menu bar.  You can view by month, week, day or as a list (easiest viewed by list). You can then click on any event in the calendar to bring up more information about that particular Round Table.

Registering for Sessions

Members register for an event with just a couple of clicks. There are no additional charges for attendance beyond the annual subscription fee and members may attend as many events as they like through the year. We currently have individual members tracking to attend as many as 40 sessions for the year.

Download the brochure with pricing

Click here to download the brochure