Have a question or looking for information but not sure who to ask? Submit it to PASA Connect and we will circulate it throughout the network and connect you with appropriate responses.

To submit a request, email amy@pasa.net.au including your question and this, your name and email will be circulated to our CPO’s (if you have a specific idea of others you would like to recieve this request, please include it in your email).

Some of our most recent concierge request topics have been included below:

  • First Aid kits
  • Updating RFx on conformance and evaluation process
  • Debt Management Contract
  • Legal services
  • Online Platform to Manage Modern Slavery Risks in our Supply
  • Benchmarking exercise for IT related products
  • Feedback for SAP Concur for travel or expenses
  • Identifying potential suppliers in the Utilities
  • Gender diversity in the supply chain
  • Market Intelligence tools
  • Source 2 Contract systems
  • Procurement Spend Analytic Tools
  • Modern Slavery in the agricultural or manufacturing industries
  • Specification to run a Cyber Incident simulation/workshop
  • eWaste Strategies and Policies
  • Procurement and Inventory modules in Workday
  • Moving from a CAPEX to OPEX model
  • Wasteflex consolidation services
  • Tendering as a tool, not the be all end all
  • MOU Template
  • How best to manage procurement / contracts for subscription
  • Organisational purchases made under $100K – Policies, processes and procedures
  • Mentoring in the energy category
  • Cisco’s SmartNet Total Care services 
  • Policies or guidance promoting the procurement of locally manufactured uniforms and/or PPE
  • Buying gas on the spot market / from the STTM 
  • TCO Template
  • Seeking Job Position Description templates
  • Office supply vendors
  • RE100 ambitions and what strategies are being employed over what timeframe
  • Developing a standard operating procedure for a procurement team
  • Security pass photos
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standard naming standards for material items
  • Price review clause
  • Modern slavery statement
  • Escrow source code terms and conditions
  • Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and uniforms
  • “Single source of truth” service provider
  • Definition of procurement when not acquiring any goods or services
  • Supply and installation of wiring to mobile vehicles and modems
  • Supply of Wi-Fi for public use, including BYO mobile devises and ability to for staff to stocktake on iPad on Mobile vehicles
  • IP dispatch console systems for public safety, emergency services (mission control)
    a. Software and hardware
    b. Maintenance and servicing
  • Software services partner managing Third-Part software on behalf of the customer.

We are very fortunate to have a highly supportive network of members and encourage any questions big or small.  This provides fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded members and share experiences and learnings.