<p>How to change the world through procurement by unlocking ‘social’ procurement. It’s all good and well to talk about social procurement, it’s another thing to successfully implement. Learn what the leaders in the field changed in order to make social procurement work in their organisations.</p><p>This workshop session will explore:</p><p>&nbsp; *&nbsp; &nbsp;what social procurement is and what social impact is</p><p>&nbsp; *&nbsp; &nbsp;how it differs from other aspects of sustainable procurement&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; *&nbsp; &nbsp;what best practice looks like today …&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; *&nbsp; &nbsp;some tips on how to achieve it in your organisation&nbsp;</p><p><b>Your&nbsp; facilitator</b></p><p>Seán Barnes, Director of Social Procurement – Akina.&nbsp; Sean is passionate about realising the potential of business to deliver positive social and environmental impact and his recent experience includes advisory roles that support businesses (corporate and SME), social enterprise and government agencies in the areas of procurement, strategy, and sustainability.&nbsp;</p><p>Seán has significant experience in leadership and executive roles in NZ and Australia, holds a Ph.D. in Chemical and Process Engineering, and is a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand.</p><div><br></div>