“Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for yesterday’s session. Xxxx, thank you for hosting and providing the opportunity to engage directly with your team and taking the time out for a site tour. I know that we are all busy, so greatly appreciate everybody providing their time for us to discuss all things procurement” Head of Group Procurement

“Lovely to meet you all yesterday. I really appreciate the chance to hear from my peers from across the city and building personal connections is invaluable.

Xxxxx – you have provided inspiration for a topic we’ve discussed a number of times as a team – visual management and promotion of how we add value. Thank you! I just may take you up on your offer and come back to share ideas on this further in the future! “ Head of Procurement, Group Procurement

“I second (or should I say third) these comments. It is always lovely to catch up with you all and share experiences.

Xxxxx – I was very impressed with your visual planning and of particular interest was your strategy on a page, if you are willing to share?” Head of Procurement


“I’d like to genuinely thank everyone for yesterday’s meeting and once again state how beneficial I find our gatherings. Xxxxx you have encouraged me by example to do a lot better on the visual reporting front.” Group Manager Procurement

“Thanks for the terrific plant tour, for hosting the meeting and for sharing the processes your teams are using. Your visibility board is very impressive.” 
Head of Procurement

“Networking and sharing with our peers is one of the most important things I think we can do as team leaders. Allows us to challenge our own status quo and learning from others is super important. I would do this 10 times over taking a meeting with a procurement services provider trying to pitch me. Happy to share any of the materials you saw yesterday in my walk around if this might be of interest.” Vice President Global Procurement and host of the site visit


The above are extracts from emails that participants in a CPO Round-table sent to the group following a round-table that included a tour of the procurement office by the host CPO. The round-table was held in the second half of 2018.

Names of participants have been removed as all PASA Connect round-tables are conducted under Chatham House Rules

To find out how you can access this kind of shared experience, insight and opportunity, please contact Nigel Wardropper at PASA at nigelw@pasa.net.au