<p>Post-pandemic, stakeholders seem to want more – exceptional response times, but always the bestest/fastest/cheapest supply option,&nbsp;</p><p>that also maximises value and brings the most optimal ESG outcomes and assured delivery top ANZ at the tip of the global supply chain.</p><p>How can we have it all? How can we meet stakeholders’ growing demands and satiate all their demands with always limited resources?</p><p><b>Your expert facilitator</b><br></p><p>Urvashi Jaisal, Client Services Specialist, Pareto-Toolbox and formally with an extensive customer services background&nbsp;</p><p style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);"><b>The time of this session is:</b></p><p style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">9:00 – 10:00AM (Perth)<br>10.30-11.30AM (Adelaide)<br>11:00-12:00PM AEST (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)<br>2.00-3.00PM (Auckland)</p>