How does PASA CONNECT actually work?

The Member Process

1. Join as a team or individual

2. Login to and complete profile

3. Browse scheduled sessions on website or mobile app and follow simple online registration process during which you can;
               a. Volunteer to host the session
               b. Volunteer to chair or take notes
               c. Nominate specific issues or challenges that you would like included in the agenda

4. Attend the session and share best practice, knowledge, experience, tools, templates and more with your new peer network

5. Suggest to PASA new topics that you would like to explore with your peers

6. Take advantage of other benefits such as discounted or complimentary conference tickets and the procurement concierge service

The PASA Process

  1. Co-ordinate all network activities
  2. Communicate with members to organize sessions – confirm venue, chair and notes taker
  3. Provide online and mobile platforms to enable network activities
  4. Develop agenda’s for sessions that address the real-time needs of participants
  5. Identify and recruit ‘external experts’ to facilitate ‘expert-led’ sessions
  6. Classify and load shared resources and notes from sessions into online archive (resource centre)
  7. Work with members to identify key issues or challenges that should be addressed at future sessions

"The PASA round tables have been well worth attending. Collaborating, sharing ideas  and tools with other procurement professionals has been rewarding. The opportunity to chair some of the round tables has improved my leadership and professional development".  Michael Paterson, Strategic Procurement Specialist, Pacific National


When logged in to this website as a member you have the facility to easily:

  • Find and register for sessions in your city
  • Utilise the member-find-member facility
  • Search the resource centre for useful information, tools and templates


Available from both leading APP Stores, iTunes and Android, The PASA CONNECT app lets members manage all aspects of their membership and engagement directly on their smartphone 

Your Investment

The PASA CONNECT model delivers exceptional value for money, providing huge amounts of opportunity for relatively little cost. The ‘per head’ cost decreases the larger the team that is joined as it is assumed that the individuals within a larger team will access relatively fewer sessions than those who are individual members or members of a smaller team.

To obtain Annual Subscription pricing either:

Download Brochure - click here

“To catch up  with your peers and discuss market trends and directions is invaluable to any procurement professional and I strongly recommend ongoing participation in this model of communication to all levels of the procurement profession.”  Ian Rudgley, Procurement Manager, Procurement, City Of Sydney

or Contact us for further information:

Contact us

NSW, VIC, SA, ACT – Jonathan Dutton at  m. 0404 452861

QLD, WA – Nigel Wardropper at  m 0411 845234

New Zealand – Ross Darah at  m. +64 21 276 7861

Existing members please contact:

Lesley Wardropper at m 0413 029709

Expert contributors

If you are a consultant, category specialist or an expert in other disciplines relevant to procurement and are interested in facilitating a round-table please contact:

Nigel Wardropper at  m 0411 845234


“Having been a senior procurement professional for 20 years I am a strong supporter of PASA CONNECT.  I believe there is a real opportunity for procurement people at all levels of skills and experience to learn from each other and this is a cost effective way to achieve a successful outcome for all.”  Greg Heise,  Head of IT Commercial Services, Harvey Norman