PASA Connect offers real benefits for your organisation, your procurement team and yourself:


5 benefits for individual PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONALS:


  1. Online – easy access and time efficient targeted learning; whether in the office or working at home

  2. Comprehensive – PASA Connect covers the widest range of content on categories, best practices, new laws and new ways

  3. Expert led – with an expert in every room, you can be assured of hard takeaways from every session

  4. Topical – PASA Connect covers all the current hot topics, issues and trends in procurement hot off the press

  5. Relevant – our programme is peer led and driven by suggestions from its members


5 benefits for your PROCUREMENT MANAGER and your organisation:


  1. Inclusive – everyone in your team gets the same opportunity to learn, including the CPOs at our quarterly CPO Roundtable

  2. Low cost – the fixed annual price suits small budgets and offers all-you-can-eat training & development

  3. Supply market intelligence – brings real local knowledge on how to buy in ANZ today across a wide range of categories

  4. Tailored learning – individuals personal-development plans that aggregate into a team-development plan; with CPD points for all activities

  5. Integrated – PASA Connect supports your wider capability uplift programme, or stands alone as a catch-all development plan



What does it cost?


Your organisation pays one low-cost annual subscription and then all the learning & development sessions and attendance at PASA Conferences are FREE for members for 12 months – all you can eat!  Members will also receive discounts on PASA Training Courses and Workshops.

The annual investment is tiered based upon the size of your procurement team:

For individuals without corporate support, or between roles, PASA Connect has an individual subscription service at a discounted rate for personal membership.


There are also significant discounts available for taking out an extended subscription duration (two or three years) providing monies for the duration are paid at the time of taking out the subscription.

Please contact Dee for further information about pricing and discounts:

E:  T: 0488 646 230