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The 6 NEW challenges facing Procurement post-Covid in 2022

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA


COST: Pivoting Procurement in a new inflationary world – managing down a rising cost base

Tony Davey, Director, Procurement Tribe


RISK: Rebalancing COST -v- RISK on inbound supply chains

Kobus van der Wath, CEO, Axis Group International


An Agile Procurement CASE STUDY – The APA digital metering project 2020 : a nine figure agile procurement project conducted during Covid, online, with 7 international vendors

Henriette Kampfer, Procurement LEAD, Networks, APA Group


TRANSFORMATION: a procurement digital transformation case study from CBH

Chris Webb, Head of Procurement, CBH


GOVERNMENT: An executive summary of the new WA Procurement Act AND Procurement Rules

Kathryn Abbott, Director Procurement Policy, Dept of Finance, WA Government


TALENT DEVELOPMENT: WA Government’s new Procurement Capability Development Strategy 2022-25

Andrew Davy, Assistant Director Procurement Practice Improvement, Dept of Finance, WA Government


Crafting your procurement L&D plan for post-covid needs

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA


Additional resources (please click on the title to download):

PASA Article – Six key procurement challenges and how to solve them in 2022 

PASA White Paper – How Procurement Can Help Manage Inflation

PASA White Paper – Learning & Development