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A PASA CONNECT SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT – IT Day – A ‘deep-dive’ event into the procurement of IT and its core sub-categories

October 1, 2020

IT Day - A ‘deep-dive’ event into the procurement of IT and its core sub-categories 

This one-day PASA category event will take an in depth look at the state of the art in 2021 for ICT procurement and its main sub-categories and, in particular, the purchasing of:

IT hardware

Telecommunications services

Managed Services

Telephony/Contact Centre

Software applications in particular with SaaS delivery models. 

As fast as technology is changing, so is best practice procurement of technology. ICT category procurement experts, EUIT, and have helped shape the exact agenda to the needs of IT procurement managers in 2021;

Whether they are IT and Telecommunications Category Managers or general INDIRECT procurement managers that cover ICT amongst other categories as well. EUIT are joined by EUC, specialists in Telecommunications pricing and benchmarking.

Throughout the programme, numerous practical examples will illuminate best practice ICT procurement strategies. 

In addition, formal case studies from Fletchers, Mission Australia and the RACT will help delegates understand real time recent scenarios others have faced buying the ICT category in Covid times.  

This event is free of charge for authentic professional procurement practitioners and is designed to offer a broad perspective on purchasing the IT category and delegates attending the event. 

It also offers buyers:

The chance to hear expert views & case studies on both ICT procurement issues and how to approach the IT category in 2021

See how significant factors are affecting the ICT categories in both the short and medium term.

Understand the market situation and category nuances developing in the ICT sub-categories 

The opportunity to network easily online with other delegates and informally benchmark your approach to IT procurement

A way to meet the sponsors and IT category expert consultants EUIT in an informal setting with no obligations 

Gear from three major ITC procurement teams and their CASE STUDIES of how they tackled situations you most likely will also face.

The PASA IT Day format 

The day will be hosted by PASA CEO, Jonathan Dutton FCIPS. 

The programme includes KEY NOTE speakers, case studies and Q&A formats with frequent breaks for refreshments and real-time face-to-face networking in our REMO ‘airport’ lounge layout. 

The sponsor booths are always available for delegates to visit and download relevant materials of interest.  Both EUIT and EUC will have also representatives on virtual stands to answer specific questions from delegates 

The Programme 

09.00am - Introduction & welcome

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS - CEO PASA 

09.15am  - An IT procurement category OVERVIEW for 2021:

Influence of COVID across IT procurement      

Major cost and feature drivers in the IT category                                                                                        

Cliff Booth – CEO at EU IT 

09.45am - Telecoms Trends and pricing constructs:                                                                                                               

Overall key trends over last year.

Influence of NBNCo to Data Networking and Internet Procurement.

Interview (JD/CMB) Gary Trewin CEO EUC around pricing trends.

Gary Trewin – CEO at EUC

10.15am - Networking & refreshments break

10.40am - CASE STUDY  – Fletchers: Influence on NBNCO strategy driving Telecoms procurement:

Q&A with Todd                 

Todd Gregory CPO - Fletchers Group                 

11.15am - Telephony & Contact Centre systems                                                                                                                       

Trends in Telephony and Contact Centre management in 2021 

Key drivers in the market.

Sourcing structure changes caused by COVD and other elements.

Gary Trewin – CEO at EUC

11.30am - CASE STUDY - Procurement of high availability Telephony infrastructure over diverse and complex infrastructure during lockdown

Interview with Peter Smith with Q&A                                                                        

Peter Smith – CIO, Mission Australia

12.00pm - CASE STUDY - Changing Contact Centre providers to take in to account new supply requirements

Interview with John Holliday with Q&A                                                                          

John Holliday – CIO, RAC Tasmania

12.20pm - Networking & refreshments break

12.30pm - Applications - SaaS and Bespoke software                  

Influence of SaaS supply conditions on supply.

Changing expectations of customer and supplier community.

How Security is driving greater scrutiny of supply and changing supplier requirements.

Importance of accurate requirements outcome definition when procuring ‘unique’ or ‘one off’ applications.

Cliff Booth – CEO at EU IT

13.00pm - CASE STUDY – Presentation on procurement of  ‘Non standard’ applications      

Delivered via SaaS models and issues to be taken in to account when determining AMS structures                                    

Christine McNess – CPO University of Queensland

13.30pm - AGILE PROCUREMENT at work in the IT sector      

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS – CEO PASA 

13.45pm - Conclusion & close                                                                                                                                                           

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS - CEO PASA

13.50pm - Final networking opportunity 

14.00pm - REMO platform closes 

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A PASA CONNECT SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT – IT Day – A ‘deep-dive’ event into the procurement of IT and its core sub-categories
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Start March 3rd, 2021. 09:00am AEDT
End March 3rd, 2021. 14:00pm AEDT
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