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CPO Round-table (Adel)

The CPO round table provides an opportunity for the procurement leadership to come together to explore a range of issues and challenges. Some of this will be addressing generic issues while the sessions also provide the opportunity for CPO’s to seek insights or obtain information from their peers on specific issues or challenges that they face. 

Please submit issues or questions you would like to discuss early in the process so that we can include it in the agenda.

Event Details

CPO Round-table (Adel)
Offices of Origin Energy
100 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
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Start February 28th, 2019. 09:00am
End February 28th, 2019. 12:00pm
Status Event Details Closed

Other Details

Seats 14 persons
Attendees 4 persons
Location Adelaide, SA
Category CPO Round Table
Type Round Table