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CSR Sustainable Procurement (AUCK)

April 8, 2019

CSR is about Corporate behaviour, governance and transparency in key social, environmental and business areas. 

It’s about considering the wider impact of company actions on all stakeholders. Ensuring that companies do business responsibly, take a leadership position in community and social issues relevant to its own business operations (including those of its supply network), and are transparent about their actions in these areas.

In this session you will explore:

  • Social Procurement – utilising our spend to drive social benefit
  • Sustainable Procurement – Our impact on the environment, the circular economy (ISO 20400)
  • Ethical procurement – modern-day slavery
  • Others?
This Round Table will be facilitated by Aaron Donaldson, Head of ICT and Corporate Procurement, Auckland Council 

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CSR Sustainable Procurement (AUCK) Level 3, 100 Mayoral Drive ,Auckland, New Zealand
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Start June 6th, 2019. 09:00am
End June 6th, 2019. 11:30am
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 6 persons
Location Auckland, NZ
Category One off sessions
Type Round Table