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Facilities Management (BRIS)

Category-based sessions are designed to bring together category/procurement managers from different organisations to focus on a specific category of supply. Some of the categories we cover have a number of sub-categories. Where steered by the relevant group, we will indicate if there is going to be a focus on a specific sub-category (EG: Facilities/Waste Management, Marketing Services/Media Buying)

The sessions provide an opportunity for members to share best practice, tools, templates, KPI's and market intelligence. Additional bonuses are the ability to informally benchmark the category and also to discuss specific challenges that you may have within the category.

For this session we will be joined by Paul Micallef, managing director of Australis Facilities Management, a specialist provider of facilities management, operations, operational support and consulting services throughout Australia. 

Examples of questions provided by members for previous facilities sessions include:

  • Conducting the deep dive on services when traditionally the tasks have been absorbed by internal operations.
  • New facility contracts, particularly facilities / maintenance.
  • Pre-empting and managing price changes in contracts while building stronger relations with suppliers
  • Pre-empting and managing price changes in contracts while building stronger relations with suppliers
  • Multi-site/interstate consolidation of FM contracts
  • Cost reduction strategies in this category
  • Experiences with consolidation of subcategories i.e. HVAC, electrical & fire services. 
  • Understanding the synergies across business due to multiple systems in use and decentralized business divisions operating independently
  • Very fragmented spend. Is consolidation delivering additional value/savings? 
  • What are the current market trends delivering value? 

When registering, please nominate specific issues that you would like to explore during the session and prior to the session think about examples that you can bring to the table to explore with the group.

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Facilities Management (BRIS) 33 Corporate Drive, Cannon Hill QLD 4170
Event Detail Offices of Endeavour Foundation. Please let Diana Steward know if you require a parking space: d.stewart@endeavour.com.au
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Start April 10th, 2019. 14:00pm
End April 10th, 2019. 16:30pm
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Seats 12 persons
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Location Brisbane, QLD
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