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Future-proof your Career (Bris)

With the world changing fast how do you ‘future-proof’ your career? Join with one of Brisbane's leading recruitment consultants for a discussion about:

What kind of roles are currently most in demand?

What skills, competencies and attributes are most in demand?

What roles are going to decline and which are going to grow?

What skills, competencies and attributes are going to be required to secure those roles?

How do you develop those skills and competencies?

If you have other issues that you would like to explore related to how you can ‘future-proof’ your career, please submit when registering so that we can include them in the agenda.

The session will be led by Brisbane’s leading procurement recruitment specialist, Sean Johnson from TROOCOO. Sean is widely recognised as the “go to” recruitment professional within the highly specialised field of procurement, contract management and strategic supply for the Brisbane market. 

Having sourced and placed procurement professionals across a range of key growth industries in the state and across the country within a breadth of sectors encompassing all industry verticals in the market, Sean is better positioned than anyone to understand what the opportunities are and what skills and experience you need to gain to access them. 

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Future-proof your Career (Bris)
Offices of Troocoo
Level 3, 190 Edward Street, Brisbane
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Start February 21st, 2018. 14:00pm
End February 21st, 2018. 17:00pm
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Location Brisbane, QLD
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