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How can Procurement Build Trust with Key Stakeholders? (Syd)

This one-off roundtable, led by Marie-Claire Ross, an expert in the field of organisational trust, will assist Chief Procurement Officers and 2ic's to position procurement as a 'Trusted Resource'.

As a procurement and supply leader, one of your most important tasks is to gain the trust of your peers, in order for them to understand the value your department brings to their projects and the organisation.

In this Round Table, Marie-Claire will explain about:

  • Key low trust indicators that are sabotaging your organisation (and how it impacts procurement and supply).
  • How the brain impacts our ability to trust others.

This will be followed a deep discussion with other procurement leaders about the challenges of ensuring other departments trust procurement and how to solve it.

About Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire Ross is Chief Corporate Catalyst at Trustologie.  Marie-Claire helps leaders put the right processes in place to accelerate trust during change and growth.  She undertakes workshops, leadership coaching and consulting to transform existing organisational trust levels into an asset that increases efficiencies, improves profitability and enhances people performance. Her approach is based on actual experience and seven years of research including over 122 interviews with CEOs and executives with mid-size and large companies.

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How can Procurement Build Trust with Key Stakeholders? (Syd)
Offices of Mirvac
200 George Street Sydney
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Start October 12th, 2018. 09:30am
End October 12th, 2018. 12:30pm
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Location Sydney, NSW
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