How do sustainability bonds work to finance your sustainable procurement project? (VIRTUAL)

For many sustainability mangers, and now procurement managers as well, winning resources and funding for external and semi-external sustainable procurement projects can be difficult. 

Sustainability bonds can be tied to specific issuers or partners/suppliers if not specific projects always, but they do target specific outcomes and stronger impact for procurement teams working to achieve specific targets 

- but how do sustainability bonds work in practice, what’s the catch, and who has to do all the set-up work? How easy is it? 

The answers to these questions are easier than you think, with expert guidance, and are quite achievable at a time when pressure on resources has hardly ever been greater. 

Your expert facilitator:

Brendan O’Keeffe is an executive advisor & Circular Economy expert for Business Drivers - an international management consultancy founded in 2006. Additionally, he has more recently founded Circular Supply Chain Advisory which delivers Executive Recruitment and Consulting services. He has obtained a number of specific certifications including Sustainable Supply Chain management, Decarbonisation & Net Zero transition, ESG Finance, and has recently been recognised as a Chartered Sustainable Supply Chain & Logistics Professional (CSSCLP).

He is also an Advisory Board Member for the Supply Chain Sustainability School and an active member of Sydney Cove Rotary Club where he leads their climate action initiatives. 

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Start February 29th, 2024. 11:00am AEST
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