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Improving & optimising your networking skills (VIRTUAL)

Networking is the top-up business case to attend procurement events – but what is networking exactly and how can you truly build then practice these skills as a business -tool in reality?

Join Imelda Walsh who presented this topic to wonderful response at our Personal Development Day in 2022.

Expert presenter: 

Imelda Walsh, Director – The Birmont Group

The time of this session is:

9:00 - 10:00AM (Perth)
10.30-11.30AM (Adelaide)
11:00-12:00PM AEST (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)
2.00-3.00PM (Auckland)

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Virtual - at your desk using Zoom
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Start September 28th, 2023. 11:00am AEST
End September 28th, 2023. 12:00pm AEST
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