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Improving procurement productivity and staying in touch using Microsoft Teams (VIRTUAL)

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all of us have had our work worlds turned upside down. Most people believe that face to face meetings and whiteboard collaboration are the most productive way to get teamwork done, and while that still may be the case, for the foreseeable future, that is no longer an option for most of us.

So how do we ensure that we can keep on top of our priorities? The team’s health, well being and productivity.

Even in a fully remote world (which may be new for many organisations), we still have a duty of care to our people and support them to maintain focus.

Microsoft’s answer to these questions is their Teams app. Microsoft Teams has been around for a number of years so some businesses will be proficient users.

Yet others still may not have ever heard of it. This session will look at how we can get the most out of Teams. What are the quick wins to get up to speed and productive as early as possible, and what are some of the pitfalls and challenges that users may be facing?

As a bonus, during this session we will walk you through a demo of a Crisis Communication App that Microsoft has recently released (free to all Office365 users) that has been rolled out and effectively used at Pareto Toolbox.

This app enables remote working teams to focus their teams efforts:  Each day staff members in your team check-in, nominate their work pattern, outline their plans for the day and receive inputs from their manager & team-mates.

Almost like a daily ‘stand-up’ meeting in the SCRUM methodology of the AGILE business approach – but virtually and updated in real-time. Management at a glance.

Your facilitator

This round table will be facilitated by Glyn Davis, a Power Platform consultant and Microsoft Office365 aficionado at Pareto Toolbox. Glyn has a background in Procurement and Supply Chain and, coupled with a number of years of Process Improvement experience, he has improved and digitised many processes using the MS Office365 Suite. Glyn, along with the Pareto Toolbox team, use MS Teams every day to communicate and collaborate, helping them stay alert and responsive to the needs of their clients, employees and business.

To help remote working procurement teams, in both Australia & NZ right now, Pareto Toolbox are offering an “MS TEAMS Crisis Management Remote Working APP” remote install, set-up and training day for a small fixed fee:  glyn.davis@pareto-toolbox.com 

The time of this session is:

9.00-10:30AM AEST (BNE, SYD, MELB)

8.30-10.00AM (ADL)

11.00-12:30PM (NZ)

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Start April 14th, 2020. 09:00am
End April 14th, 2020. 10:30am
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