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Innovation for 2ic’s

‘Procurement Innovation’ – sounds easy doesn’t it? But what do we really mean by it and what are the opportunities for procurement to innovate? 

Most leading commentators on procurement have been stressing for some time now the critical importance of innovation in procurement to drive new sources of value. As savings ultimately gravitate towards zero, where else can procurement look to unlock additional value?  

This round-table is designed for senior members of the procurement team, to enable them together with a group of their peers to explore issues such as: 

  • What do we mean by procurement innovation?
  • How do we drive innovation?
  • How do we measure the benefits/outcomes?
  • What practical examples of procurement innovation are we aware of? 

This round-table was specifically requested by CPO’s as a forum to bring their most senior team members together to explore an issue that is vital to the future of procurement. Register today.



Event Details

Innovation for 2ic’s
Offices of Transport Sydney Trains
Ground Floor West, 36-46 George Street, Burwood, NSW, 2134
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Start February 14th, 2017. 10:00am
End February 14th, 2017. 13:00pm
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 8 persons
Location Sydney, NSW
Category One off sessions
Type Round Table