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Launch Event – Setting the Professional Agenda (Adel)

This launch session will feature a keynote presentation from Sharon Wilson, Head of Industrial Strategy, BAE Systems Australia Ltd. followed by round table discussions, during which attendees will discuss and set priorities for topics and categories for PASA Connect sessions moving forward.

This is your opportunity to shape the agenda to very much meet your needs. We therefore encourage you to make the time to participate in this session.

The venue for the session will be the ABC studios in Adelaide. Further details to follow shortly.

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85 North East Road, Collinswood SA 5081
Event Detail ABC studios
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Start July 31st, 2018. 12:00pm
End July 31st, 2018. 14:00pm
Status Event Details Closed

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Seats 50 persons
Attendees 18 persons
Location Adelaide, SA
Category One off sessions
Type Round Table