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MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations – Spare Parts!) (Virtual)

March 2, 2018

This will be a virtual session where members from all regions can attend. 

Please note the time of this session is 10.00am QLD time and 11.00am for other regions

Category-based sessions are designed to bring together category/procurement managers from different organisations to focus on a specific category of supply. Some of the categories we cover have a number of sub-categories. Where steered by the relevant group, we will idicate if there is going to be a focus on a specific sub-category (EG: Facilities/Waste Management, Marketing Services/Media Buying)

The sessions provide an opportunity for members to share best practice, tools, templates, KPI's and market intelligence. Additional bonuses are the ability to informally benchmark the category and also to discuss specific challenges that you may have within the category. 

When registering, please submit any specific issues that you would like to discuss so that we can include in the agenda.

Event Details

MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations – Spare Parts!) (Virtual)
Event Detail At your desk (virtual)
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Start March 9th, 2018. 10:00am
End March 9th, 2018. 11:30am
Status Event Details Closed

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Seats 12 persons
Location Brisbane, QLD
Category Indirect Categories
Type Round Table