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PASA Connect CPD walkthrough

Join me via Zoom to walkthrough the newest addition to our PASA Connect website.  In this session, I can answer questions you may have about the CPD scheme and show you how to add your points.

PASA launches CPD scheme 

Anyone attending PASA activities in 2023 will be able to collect continuous professional development (CPD) points more easily towards the personal development programme of their own choice – including the CIPS CPD scheme or even their own personal development plan (PDP) goals with their employer.

The new PASA CPD points align naturally and deliberately to the existing CIPS CPD scheme.  The PASA CPD log resets every calendar year, and your previous year’s personal log is archived on the site behind the PASA Connect member login. 

With over 60 expert led peer-to-peer Roundtables offered each year on most topics relevant to modern procurement needs, PASA Connect members can now easily both target & collect CPD points to support their personal development planning. 

This scheme particularly rewards proactive professionals who want to develop their career and plan ahead through their own personal development plan (PDP) best crafted with your line manager, as part of your organisation’s capability development programme as well as an individual’s plan. 

A summary of CPD points available by PASA Connect activity is included below:

PASA Activity
Points to be claimed
PASA Connect
1 point per roundtable
PASA Conferences 
1 point per hour of content consumed 
PASA Connect Big Breakfasts
1 point per hour of content consumed 
PASA Training
1 point per hour of content consumed 
The Focus eNews
Subscriber and read weekly (0.5 points per issue read)
PASA white-paper
Downloaded and read (1 point per white paper)

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Start July 25th, 2023. 13:30pm AEST
End July 25th, 2023. 14:00pm AEST
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