Payment Times Reporting Update (VIRTUAL)

Introduced in January 2021, The Payment Times Reporting (“PTR”) Act has brought about significant changes to the way Australian organisations now think about payments to suppliers.

In just a short space of time, we have witnessed the Act’s introduction, it’s fast evolution, media scrutiny and more recently the commencement of compliance activities by the Payment Times Reporting Regulator.

Given the far-reaching implications of the Act, evolution in the guidance material was inevitable and during 2022 we witnessed many changes to the Guidance material which has implications on reporting for all organisations. The completion of the 2-year Independent Review is likely to herald the introduction of further changes.

KPMG invites you to join us for our upcoming PTR webinar for PASA members where we will explore the latest changes to guidance material and share key insights on what large businesses should be considering when submitting their next Payment Times Report. Our expert team will share experiences from their time advising a wide range of Australian and foreign reporting entities best prepare for and navigate their Payment Times Reporting obligations.

We will also look at:

• What lies ahead in 2024 for Payment Times Reporting?

• Key risks and challenges often encountered by large businesses

• Strategies and ideas to help you optimise your future reporting

Your expert presenter: 

Natalie is an Associate Director in KPMG’s Payment Times Reporting Advisory practice with over 5 years’ purchase-to-pay experience.

Since joining the KPMG Australia team, Natalie has worked with a wide range of clients helping them to optimise their purchase-to-pay working capital cycles.

When the Payment Times Reporting Act was first announced in late 2020,

Natalie’s prior experience working with clients on their supplier payments meant she was quickly able to interpret the legislation and the implications for KPMG’s clients.

Natalie has since worked with some of Australia’s largest businesses across a wide range of industries to assist them to get ready to report for Payment Times Reporting and leads the Payment Times Reporting Analytics for KPMG’s client projects.

The time of this session is:

9:00 - 10:00AM (Perth)

10.30-11.30AM (Adelaide)

11:00-12:00PM AEST (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)

1.00-2.00PM (Auckland)

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Start March 28th, 2024. 11:00am AEDT
End March 28th, 2024. 12:00pm AEDT
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