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Problem Solving – Technique or Intuition? (Adel)

How do you currently solve problems? Do you have specific processes you follow or techniques that you apply such as Ishikawa or fishbone diagrams, or perhaps payoff matrices? Or do you rely more on instinct, intuition and ‘creative’ thinking? Sourcing professionals are regularly faced by the need to problem-solve, often in situations that on the face of it, appear very complex. 

In this expert-led session, participants will explore different techniques and tools for problem solving and share real examples of either current problems they are facing or case study examples of problems they have faced in the recent past.

 Your Expert Facilitator

 The session will be facilitated by Simon Thompson, Director, Asia Pacific at Acquire Procurement Services. As Simon states on his Linkedin profile, challenging the status quo is what he does. His specialty is providing alternatives, some of which come from completely different industries, and often involve adopting techniques that challenge currently accepted business philosophies. He loves the quote “The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed.”, which he understands as “the answer to your problem already exists, but perhaps not in the place where you expect to find it.!” It’s all about being inquisitive and having the courage to explore other options. You can watch Simon describe his philosophy (Supply by Design) or  see more about Simon by clicking on the following links: 

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Offices of SA Department of Industry and Skills
Level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
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Start October 26th, 2018. 09:30am
End October 26th, 2018. 12:00pm
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Seats 12 persons
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Location Adelaide, SA
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