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Procurement and the Law (Melbourne)

July 12, 2017

Suggested by one of our members ‘Procurement and the Law’ will provide an opportunity for members to explore a number of legal issues that impact on procurement such as: 

  • Indemnities? 
  • Liabilities? 
  • IP? 
  • Privacy? 
  • Data Breach Laws?

Scott Alden, Partner at Holding Redlich, and a regular speaker on PASA  conferences,  has kindly agreed to attend the session to answer your questions.  In order to ensure that you get answers to your questions, please submit them in advance when registering for the session. 

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Procurement and the Law (Melbourne) Suite 2, Level 5, 312 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004 - Room MHO L5 Intermodal Room
Event Detail Offices of Pacific National
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Start September 22nd, 2017. 09:30am
End September 22nd, 2017. 12:30pm
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 9 persons
Location Melbourne, VIC
Category Topic based special interest groups
Type Round Table