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Procurement Automation, P2P: Purchase to Pay (Virtual)

April 14, 2019

As the title suggests, this session is about all thing P2P. What specific issues would you like to explore with your peers and the external experts we will bring in for the session? 

Please nominate issues with your registration.

Below are some of the issues we discussed at the last P2P round-table:

  1. Exploring the different P2P options (off the shelf and customised) that are available and associated pros and cons with each model. 
  2. What considerations are used to ascertain business readiness on P2P? 
  3. Creating business case for improving current P2P solution
  4. Management of stakeholders throughout process.
  5. UNSPSC coding usage 
  6. Automation of p2p process in SAP
  7. Understand how Procurement Automation can be practically implemented across indirect categories.

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Procurement Automation,  P2P: Purchase to Pay (Virtual)
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Start July 9th, 2019. 13:00pm
End July 9th, 2019. 14:30pm
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