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Procurement Governance and Management in a VUCA World – Senior Leadership Round-table

In times of extreme VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), as we have with Covid-19, normal business is dramatically disrupted.  What can leaders do differently to operate effectively during these episodes?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a different environment for businesses all over the world. Procurement governance and management practice needs to visibly respond, both now and in future. Many enterprises lack the agility to adapt quickly.

The first challenge is to recognise that we are in VUCA state - this helps better preparation. The next challenge is to change your mindset from 'right vs. wrong' to 'good vs. bad' - and understand quickly how to adapt to the new (and constantly changing) landscape. Once an organisation has successfully adapted, the next question, perhaps the most important one, is how to take advantage of this challenge?

This virtual round-table will share answers to these questions - and point to more nuanced questions, both strategic and tactical:

  • What is VUCA and how can you get comfortable with being in a VUCA situation?
  • How do you successfully prioritise activities in a VUCA situation?
  • How can you ensure governance and management adapts and continues to be effective in a VUCA environment?
  • How can you ensure your processes stand up to VUCA?
  • How will PROCUREMENT change as we emerge from the pandemic?
  • How do you identify and take advantage of the opportunities presented by VUCA?
  • Can the principles of AGILE help procurement adjust its approach to VUCA scenarios?

The round- table is an invitation only event for the senior members of PASA CONNECT across Australia and New Zealand. Invitations will be sent to CPO’s only. If CPO’s would like senior members of your leadership team to attend, please pass the invitation on to them.

The session will provide answers and solutions to these questions based on the experience of the facilitator and the attendees present; there will be a limit of 30 people on the round-table.

Your facilitator

This round-table will be facilitated by Mark Strachan, Transformation Practise Lead at Pareto Toolbox. Mark has a background in business transformation, using simple technology applications to quickly solve business problems. In VUCA environments the ability to deliver rapid transformation and change is vital, making Mark's background and experience highly relevant for this conversation.

Pareto Toolbox is a boutique procurement consultancy that is well known and well established in New Zealand. Led by Ross Darah, the Pareto team of around a dozen people are all dedicated consultants expert in different aspects of procurement management to help you transform your procurement work to unlock and create lasting value.

The time of this session is:

11.00-12:30PM AEST (BNE, SYD, MELB)

10.30-12.00PM (ADL)

1.00-2.30PM (NZ)

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Procurement Governance and Management in a VUCA World – Senior Leadership Round-table
Virtual via Zoom
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Start May 7th, 2020. 11:00am
End May 7th, 2020. 12:30pm
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