You have already joined in SRM as a strategy for the immediate future … and longer (VIRTUAL) Event.

SRM as a strategy for the immediate future … and longer (VIRTUAL)

During the early stages of the crisis, most procurement people were either securing vital supply lines, sourcing new requirements or pausing non-operational supply as their business needs dictate.

Yet each of these three activities called upon a new level of vendor engagement, really supplier relationship management (SRM) perhaps, even to the point where fast relationship-building substituted for process.

But how can SRM become a strategy more than a tool as we work out of such a critical time? 

What role can SRM really play? 

How do you justify an investment in SRM to a gruff CFO?

And what does your supplier need from you in return? 

And, ultimately, can SRM have a new calling as an integral part of our supply-side thinking to secure supply lines and business continuity (BCP) for the future?

Your Facilitator

Kate Nicholl Skattäng is managing director of State of Flux (Australia) a procurement consulting firm that specialises in SRM with offices in Melbourne, Auckland and London. Kate has a rich history in procurement, including at KPMG, and is currently studying for a PhD in modern slavery at Swinburne University 

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SRM as a strategy for the immediate future … and longer (VIRTUAL)
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Start June 9th, 2020. 13:00pm
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