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Supplier management in a crisis (VIRTUAL)

Most procurement people are currently either securing vital supply lines, sourcing new requirements or pausing non-operational supply as their business needs dictate.

Yet each of these three activities call upon a new level of focus on supplier management, even to the point where fast relationship-building substitutes for process - a precursor for an SRM strategy, perhaps?

Working from home adds flavour to our B2B relationship building, as we are perhaps naturally more informal engaging vendors from a home environment.

But how can closer supplier management become a strategy more than a tool at a critical time like this? 

And what does your supplier need from you too? 

Is this approach sustainable?

Moreover, how does this approach fit with your risk management plan?

As our supply chains are globalised, our visibility of suppliers becomes more opaque so how can we manage this and increase transparency?

How does positioning ourselves as a 'customer of choice' impact in these times?

Does it demand more focus on supplier performance management and supplier KPI dashboards instead?

Discuss these and other questions with your peers and our expert facilitator.

Your Facilitator

Kate Nicholl Skattäng is managing director of State of Flux (Australia) a procurement consulting firm that specialises in SRM, with offices in Melbourne, Auckland and London. Kate has a rich history in procurement for muti-nationals and in consulting. Kate also lectures in supply chain management at the University of Melbourne and is currently undertaking a PhD on modern slavery in supply chains at Swinburne University.  

The time of this session is:

9.00-10.30AM AEST (BNE, SYD, MELB)

8.30-10.00AM (ADL)

11.00-12.30PM (NZ)

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Supplier management in a crisis (VIRTUAL)
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