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Supplier Performance and Relationship Management (BRIS)

December 9, 2019

How do you measure a supplier’s performance? How do you collect the data? What are you truly trying to achieve – compliance? Improved performance? Greater contribution? What does success look like? 

For suppliers achieving less than you might want, how do you structure supplier performance management?  What tools can you use? 

How does this fit with Strategic Supplier Relationship Management?

Do you have a formal process for managing supplier performance?

How do you develop effective KPI’s?

Who should be monitoring/measuring performance against KPI’s – Procurement or Stakeholders?

The carrot or the stick – which is more effective?

What sort of incentives are participants using?

What sort of penalties are participants using?

When do you walk away?

What tools do you use to help measure supplier performance?

When registering, please submit any specific issues that you would like to discuss so that we can include in the agenda.

Your  facilitator

Peter Macfarlane is Managing Director of Grosvenor Procurement Advisory. He is a frequent facilitator for PASA Connect and often attracts some of the highest feedback ratings throughout the PASA network. www.grosvenorprocurement.com.au

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Supplier Performance and Relationship Management  (BRIS) Level 6 / 200 Adelaide St Brisbane
Event Detail The Hub Anzac Square Boardroom. Guests report to the Welcome Desk on arrival where the Hub team will direct them to the Boardroom
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Start March 4th, 2020. 13:30pm
End March 4th, 2020. 16:00pm
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 8 persons
Location Brisbane, QLD
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