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Supplier Performance Management (Adel)

The title for the session is pretty self-evident. This session is all about how we manage our suppliers performance. But before we can explore ways to drive better supplier performance, we first need to measure it.

Typical issues that you will explore during this session are: SPM and SRM – what is the difference?

  • Do you have a formal process for managing supplier performance?
  • How do you develop effective KPI’s?
  • Who should be monitoring/measuring performance against KPI’s – Procurement or Stakeholders?
  • The carrot or the stick – which is more effective?
  • What sort of incentives are participants using?
  • What sort of penalties are participants using?
  • When do you walk away?
  • What tools do you use to help measure supplier performance?

When registering, please submit any specific issues that you would like to discuss so that we can include in the agenda.

Event Details

Supplier Performance Management (Adel)
Offices of SA Water: SA Water House, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide (Bundaleer Meeting Room)
250 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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Start September 20th, 2018. 14:00pm
End September 20th, 2018. 16:00pm
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 9 persons
Location Adelaide, SA
Category Topic based special interest groups
Type Round Table