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The Contract Managers’ online round-table (VIRTUAL)

March 29, 2020

A monthly event for all contract managers and procurement team members managing supply contracts.

The delivery phase is where the rubber truly hits the road – when the benefits outlined in your business case or negotiated in dark conference rooms with eager vendors come to fruition.

Especially on vital longer-term contracts like service agreements, capital works and ongoing direct supply lines - often the most critical projects during a crisis.

Except, too often in the past, this is where we may have dropped the ball – where contract managers are spread too thinly, or where procurement people have re-prioritised new deals with others over delivering on old ones?

So, what could and should be done right now to keep vital supply lines on track? How are other contract managers working in a time of crisis, on the most important contracts?

Join together each month with those people in other procurement teams managing crucial contracts and facing similar challenges to you.

Add agenda item suggestions at any time between sessions … and let PASA Connect in conjunction with IACCM bring you together to learn with your peers.

Your facilitator

Each monthly session will be chaired online by either the IACCM regional CEO for ANZ, Bruce Everett, or one of the senior IACCM team.

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills


The time of this session is:

9.00-10:30AM AEST (BNE, SYD, MELB)

8.30-10.00AM (ADL)

11.00-12:30PM (NZ)

Event Details

The Contract Managers’ online round-table (VIRTUAL)
Event Detail Virtual - at your desk using Zoom
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Start April 15th, 2020. 09:00am
End April 15th, 2020. 10:30am
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