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The PASA Connect CPO Coffee Shop

What is your procurement playbook in the current crisis?

With the economy in an unexpected and unprecedented state of flux, where are you as a procurement leader going for advice, ideas and reassurance? Wouldn’t it help to build your playbook in consultation with your peers?

We invite you to attend the ‘CPOs Coffee Shop’. The Coffee Shop will be virtual round-tables enabling CPO members to interact with other CPOs to discuss the challenges and solutions arising from the crisis. Some examples of issues that you may wish to discuss are:

  • Reordering procurement priorities
  • Managing teams and individuals virtually
  • Restructuring teams to operate in a virtual world
  • Providing support to staff
  • Identifying skills/capability gaps for working in virtual environment

Among many more that you could no doubt list.

The Coffee Shops will run with no pre-determined agenda. Instead, they will allow participants to raise issues on the fly. The way this thing is moving, an agenda suggestion on Monday is probably obsolete by Wednesday.

In order to facilitate good engagement, we think we should keep the numbers fairly small on each of these sessions. Most likely this will be about eight people per session.

We are also looking at keeping the sessions relatively short at about 30-45 minutes.

The time of the Coffee Shop has now been fixed for 2.00-2.45pm AEDT (Syd, Melb) 1.00-1.45pm (BNE) 1.30-2.15pm (ADL)  4.00-4.45pm (NZ)

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The PASA Connect CPO Coffee Shop
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Start March 26th, 2020. 14:00pm
End March 26th, 2020. 14:45pm
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