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The Procurement Maturity Journey (Bris)

This expert-led session will examine different levels of procurement maturity and what organisations need to do to climb the maturity ladder. This session will be led by Stefan Gassner and Shane Lamont from Grosvenor Management Consulting and will cover: 

  • What makes a mature procurement organisation?
  • How can we assess maturity?
  • What level of maturity do Australian organisations typically achieve?
  • Sydney Water Case Study (Shane Lamont, ex CPO of Sydney Water) 

This session will also be a prelude to a planned further session on ‘aligning procurement with the wider business to drive real value’. 

When registering please submit any questions or issues in relation to procurement maturity that you would like to explore during the session.

Event Details

The Procurement Maturity Journey (Bris)
The University of Queensland, Building 72 (Cumbrae-Stewart Building) Room 219
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Start August 14th, 2018. 13:30pm
End August 14th, 2018. 16:00pm
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Seats 12 persons
Attendees 8 persons
Location Brisbane, QLD
Category Topic based special interest groups
Type Round Table