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Working with Legal – Part 1 (VIRTUAL)

Bringing Procurement & Legal Together to Create Internal Efficiencies

As costs and headcount come under pressure, streamlining workflows, removing roadblocks and reducing contract timelines is crucial for both the legal and the procurement functions. 

This PASA CONNECT Round-table will explore issues such as:

What are the common challenges and roadblocks at the intersection of procurement and legal?

How can procurement and legal teams work together to streamline the flow of work?

How can self-service for legal services be encouraged while maintaining quality controls and compliance?

How can procurement and legal teams avoid spending too much time on low value/risk contracting?

Simple best practice tools that can save time and manage risk

This session will also directly address your specific issues:

What questions, issues or challenges would you like to discuss on the day? Please have a think and submit with your registration. 

Expert Contributors

Jason Ryan is a Principal at Engo, a legal operations consulting boutique that works with corporate and government clients to implement smarter, leaner ways of working for across the legal and procurement functions. 

Sacha Kirk is a Co-Founder of Lawcadia, an Australian-based legal technology company that is focused on workflow automation, matter and spend management as well as legal procurement. Lawcadia works with leading corporate and government legal teams across APAC.

The time of this session is:

11.30-1.00PM AEDT (SYD, MELB)

10.30-12.00PM (BNE)

11.00-12.03PM (ADL)

1.30-3.00PM (NZ)

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Working with Legal – Part 1 (VIRTUAL)
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Start October 27th, 2021. 11:30am AEDT
End October 27th, 2021. 13:00pm AEDT
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