Aboriginal Procurement Policies – how to make a difference (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 7th July 2021

About this session

While Government policies to increase Aboriginal participation in procurement have been around for at least 10 years, many buyers and suppliers still find it challenging.

While the Policies have good intent, a tick-box approach that many follow in the absence of practical guidance and support, can hinder more than help.

Join Jo and Sharon as they share their journey from when they set out from within NSW Government to achieve genuine results and where those relationships and reputations have since led them.

Leverage from the learnings of their experiences as well as experiences that Aboriginal businesses have shared with them.

As well as some helpful context, case studied and practical tips, they’ll also highlight some of the things to be wary of along the way.

Your expert presenters:

Jo Bailey is the CEO who, along with Sharon Jones-Baldwin, founded Progressive Systems, a boutique procurement consultancy after successful careers in procurement.

As the former Chief Procurement Officer and Director eSolutions at the NSW Department of Education they worked with several Aboriginal Businesses to be able to supply to NSW schools.

Today, they are actively involved with a range of indigenous procurement projects.


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