Agile Procurement – what is it and how to do it?

Round-table session held on 18th June 2020

About the Session

Agile Procurement : What is it, How to do it? (VIRTUAL)
Many of you will have heard about ‘Lean-agile procurement’, but what is it really about and what opportunities does it present?
This round-table will address these and other questions such as:

  • What is new or different about it?
  • When might it be applicable?
  • What is the Lean Procurement Canvas?
  • What sort of benefits and outcomes would you expect through adopting LAP?
  • What skills or capabilities do you need to run a lean-agile procurement event?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges that LAP presents?

The round-table will be led by a member of the Pareto/PASA team who has completed the Lean-agile Procurement Certification workshop delivered by the founder of the movement, Mirko Kleiner.


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