Analytics Round Table – Brisbane 23.11.17

PASA Connect Analytics Round Table - Brisbane 23.11.17

In this first round table meeting members cover the fundamental questions below:

  • What software suites and dashboards are being utilised? What are their limitations? 
  • What analytical tools are being used to process big volumes of data? What "roadblocks" are encountered?
  • What are we trying to get out of data?
  • What are the varying levels of analytics?
  • How do you inform stakeholders as to what procurement really does and how your department works?  
  • Cleaning of data


Rochelle Williams -Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

Christi Chapman -Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

Rachel Johnson -University of Queensland (UQ)

Shweta Joshi -Queensland Rail (QR)

Andrey Zosimov -Queensland Rail (QR) 


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Date Entered 08/12/2017