Building trust with key stakeholders Round Table-Melbourne 07.12.17

PASA Connect Building trust with key stakeholders Round Table-Melbourne 07.12.17

This was one-off round table, led by Marie-Claire Ross, an expert in the field of organisational trust, to assist Chief Procurement Officers and 2ic's to position procurement as a 'Trusted Resource'.

As a procurement and supply leader, one of the most important tasks is to gain the trust of your peers, in order for them to understand the value your department brings to their projects and the organisation.

This special Round table was created to improve procurement's annual planning initiatives with other departments.

 In this Round Table, Marie-Claire outlined the following:

  • Key low trust indicators that are sabotaging your organisation (and how it impacts procurement and supply).
  • How the brain impacts our ability to trust others.

This was followed by a deep discussion with other procurement leaders about the challenges of ensuring other departments trust procurement.


Special guest :Marie-Claire Ross-Trustology

Philip Chalkley-Department of Justice & Regulation VIC

Kala Paramanathan-Pacific National

Fabian Lamla-Viva Energy

Dan Thearle-Monash University

Simon Henry-Qenos

Gary Combes-O-I

Helen Wang-Whole of Victorian Government Technology Procurement

Natalie Lambrou-Michaelides-Philip Morris Ltd

Ben Briggs-Crown Convention Centre 

Nicole Lewis-ME Bank

Ramon Dobb-Fulton Hogan


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