Buying Electricity – Renewable Energy PPAs

Round-table on 16th June 2020

About the Round-table

More Australian corporate and government organisations are procuring renewable electricity to help them to meet financial and/or sustainability goals. Today’s roundtable is for those interested in learning more about procuring electricity via power purchase agreement (PPA).

PPAs have been in the market now for several years and have evolved in terms of offering and types available.

In this session we will look at:

  • Which companies are procuring renewable electricity PPAs and which types of PPA are emerging as most attractive?

  • Why procure in the current market when standard electricity contract prices are so low, and what is the outlook moving forward?

To help us understand these and any other questions you may have, we will be joined by subject-matter experts from Renewable Energy Hub – a specialist in energy procurement with experience in corporate and government PPA procurement.

Expert Contributors: Renewable Energy Hub

Renewable Energy Hub is an innovative energy procurement specialist for Australian C&I energy buyers, providing better access to the wholesale renewable energy market and associated benefits through power purchase agreements (PPA) and firming services.

Renewable Energy Hub is the consulting arm of TFS Australia (part of Tradition Financial Services Group globally), the leading broker of wholesale energy and environmental market products in Australia, and has been providing market data to professionals in wholesale energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency for over for 20 years.

We will be joined by the REH team:

Jackie McKeon – Director, Energy Services

Phil Cohn – Head of Development

Trent Gauci – Lead consultant


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