Buying PPE for Today and Tomorrow

Round-table held on 27th May 2020

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About the Round-table

The sub-category of personal protective equipment (PPE) has suddenly become the most important category and a crucial supply security risk for many organisations, especially in the health sector. 

Some organisations have been able to leverage existing strong supplier relationships. One healthcare company relied on “supplier relationships and text book SRM” to secure and grow their regular supplies throughout the process. “Without those, we might not have received any supplies” the CPO added. 

Elsewhere however, stories already abound of a raft of issues including:  mass shortages, dodgy new suppliers, substandard equipment, failed deliveries, price hikes, surcharges, gazumping and other nasties. 

Infosys Portland, a leading procurement and supply chain consulting firm recently launched the COVID-19 Desk to source and procure PPE items. This service assists private hospital groups, state health departments, aged care and major corporates secure supplies during the pandemic. During this roundtable you will gain insights into the lessons and data they have gathered in this hyper-important category. 

Join this interactive online Roundtable discussion to share your experiences and insights, ask questions and raise concerns about the newest and hottest category of PPE. 


Your expert presenters:

Geoff Brown is Director of the Infosys Portland Brisbane Office and National Health Practice lead. He has more than 20 years procurement experience, as both a practitioner and consultant and has worked closely with Senior Manager, George Hsu, in running the Infosys Portland COVID-19 Desk to deliver PPE, Medical Consumables and Market Insights for a diverse range of clients throughout the crisis.


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Date Entered 27/05/2020