Capex Procurement Round Table- Brisbane 14.03.18

PASA Connect Capex Procurement- Brisbane 14.03.18

In this first Capex Round table meeting members examine the below fundamental questions and topic areas:


  • What are some of the current issues with Capex Procurement?
  • Discussion on the use of Panels & How do you ensure that the business is not going outside of the panel?
  • How to do manage Variations with panel suppliers if you use schedule of rates?
  • Discussion on the tender process
  • How do you manage risk? Do you share the risk or put this back on the supplier?
  • Outsourcing Maintenance discussion
  • Data usage
  • Assessment Criteria usage
  • How do you determine the best approach to small or medium construction projects, across a number of sites and location, with minimum budget?
  • Discussion on determining value for money in capital projects and minimising variations in traditional construction contracts.


Emma Glen- Endeavour Foundation

Peter Butwell-Endeavour Foundation

Mike Walters- Incitec Pivot

Nicola Burgess-Queensland Urban Utilities

Michael Greenhill– Queensland Urban Utilities

Tecola Carter – SEQ Water

Michelle Worthington- Endeavour Foundation


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Date Entered 06/04/2018