Category Management Round Table- Sydney 21.03.18

PASA Connect Category management- Sydney 

In this session members discuss the following fundamental questions and aspects around Category Management:

  • Why Category Management?
  • How do we determine what the categories should be?
  • What is the best CM model?
  • Category Strategy Plans were shared

All members then highlighted their relevant organisations Category Management- opportunities, technology, challenges,observations and technology.


Mark Kee- Cochlear

Martin Baumann-Cochlear

Damian Devine, ABC

Joon Kang - Holcim

Sarah Guo- Holcim

Diana Diana-  Holcim

Sarah Shams- Mirvac 

Connie Xu-Evolution Mining 

Thomas Chui-Evolution Mining

Simon Turnill-Evolution Mining

Lisa Luxton-Pacific National

Maryam Rahimi-Transport NSW

Liz Laffan-City of Sydney 

David Stark- Holcim

Jyoti Thakur- Holcim


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Date Entered 04/05/2018