Contingent Labour & Recruitment Round Table– Sydney 06.03.18

PASA Connect Contingent Labour & Recruitment– Sydney Minutes 06.03.18

In this Round Table meeting members address the following key questions:

  • How do we define the Contract Labour Category? What are we including? For instance, are we including recruitment? 
  • What are the principal challenges in managing Contract Labour? How do we provide visibility of the population and reduce risk? Outsourced vs in- house?
  • Are there differences between ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’?
  • Where are the opportunities to drive greater value from the category?
  • Where do we obtain market intelligence/bench-marking for the category?
  • Stakeholder management. Who are they, what are their issues, how do we manage them? How do we drive change?


Stefano Ferrarini- City of Sydney

Chris Bell- Holcim Australia

Simon Guerii Dall ‘Oro-Cochlear Ltd

Rey Louw-Transport for NSW

Diana Diana – Holcim

Sophie Herblot – Holcim


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Category Contract / temp labour
Type Minutes
Date Entered 05/04/2018