CPO Coffee Club – The soft skills and hard truths about procurement competencies post COVID-19

Round table session held on 6th October 2020

About this session

Build-your-own procurement competency framework through
user-centric design.

The onset of remote working continues to disrupt the way
that we engage with each other, and with this, comes the need to develop a
range of “soft skills.”

There are a myriad of procurement training courses available
in the market, but how do you know that these will deliver what your team needs
to thrive?

Join us for this webinar and hear Sarah’s playbook for
ensuring your team’s development framework is designed with the right
competencies for your organisation in the knowledge economy.

Learn about the difference between ‘hygiene competencies’
and ‘differentiating competencies,’ and help your team achieve the success and
brand they deserve.

Your expert presenter

Sarah Blackie is a management consultant and commercial
ninja, based in Wellington.

She has a rich history in procurement including over five
years as director of procurement at XERO



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