CSR & Sustainable Procurement Round Table-Sydney 19.07.17

PASA Connect Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Procurement -Sydney 19.07.17

In this session members explore procurement’s role in achieving Corporate Social Responsibility , specifically in relation to each participants organisational goals.They then identify targeted strategies to achieve these CSR goals through procurement initiatives.

All attendees provide good examples of their individual progress and current initiatives, while also identifying specific opportunity's to improve their approach to CSR ,namely in regards to social & indigenous procurement.                            


 Lynn Penny-Mirvac

Simon Meehan-City of Sydney,

Andy Smith-ISS Facilities;

Cherie Duarte-ISS Facilities; 

Alvin Kwek-Evolution Mining; 

Connie Xu-Evolution Mining;

Ramon Dobb-Fulton Hogan.


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Date Entered 05/09/2017