eSignatures whilst remote-working – are they always legally sound?

Round table held on Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

Download Fact Sheet Here

Download Fact Sheet Here

About the Round-table

Suddenly, with paper-based procurement processes compromised as we all work from home, managers are increasingly turning to eSignatures like ‘Doc-U-sign’ and even “sign, scan n send” to authorise contracts.

Indeed, mailing contracts around, initialling every page, getting witnesses and mailing stuff back now seems archaic [see Peter Macfarlane’s rant on Linked IN recently] but is this the correct way to execute contracts?

In fact, are e-mail agreements legal? Can you now scan and sign? Can you use digital signatures? Are faxes still the only legal e vehicle still? Is Doc-U-Sign actually legal? To what extent can the circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis allow some flexibility?


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Date Entered 02/06/2020