How good will you and your team be as a post-Covid negotiators in 2021? (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 13th April 2021

About this session

Leading the debrief and discussion on changing negotiation practices post-COVID will be facilitator JD and expert Dr Matt Lohmeyer, Principal of Negotiation Partners.

A further opportunity at our session on 30th March will be for CPOs to understand how your team responding to the challenges of procurement in a COVID world? And how you can help them improve too.

The COVID crisis has spurred Procurement to change some of the ways it was working.  In a world of uncertain supply lines, shifting market power and changing processes, negotiation skills are again in great demand, in particular when negotiating online.

After the session, interested CPOs will have the opportunity to benchmark their teams against each other and the PASA Negotiation Techniques Benchmark established in 2016.  A total of 100 diagnostics are available free of charge to PASA CONNECT member CPOs.  Measure your team's ability to negotiate effectively.  Will your team come out on top?

Obviously, your private data will not be shared with anyone at any time.

Your expert presenter

Matt Lohmeyer is the Principal of Negotiation Partners – a negotiation consultancy firm specialising in government and corporate procurement with consultants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


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