How procurement can embrace P2P processes and work with Finance for success through collaboration

Session held on 29th July 2021

About this session

The new Payment Times Reporting Act is driving many to amend their P2P processes and systems – or even review their entire approach to P2P?

Through Finance and Procurement collaboration, it is possible to achieve a successful P2P solution that accomplishes 

High compliance to the purchasing process 

High contract utilisation

Savings – through contract compliance 

Process efficiencies and improved risk management

Accurate spend reporting

Delighted buyers and suppliers

Jo Bailey and Sharon Jones Baldwin will share their insights, experiences and case studies and will also overview:

•        Winning purchasing strategies to achieve the desired outcomes 

•        What needs to be in your business case for a new P2P solution or to improve your existing P2P service.

•        The best way to work together 


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