How should procurement be ensuring business continuity in future?

About the Round-table

The shock of the Covid-19 crisis exposed the lack of business continuity planning (BCP) in place across many businesses.

It also showed how vulnerable Australia & New Zealand can be at the tip of the global supply chain with fragile supply lines.

Most procurement people are working at home to secure vital supply lines or pause non-essential ones. Is this a new natural segmentation for the supply base?

How can we ensure that we secure essential supply in future? And de-prioritise non-essential supply maybe?

In procurement, we cannot predict pandemics, volcanoes, wars or bushfires. But nor do we have to. We only have to anticipate halted supply lines - supplius interruptus.

So how are we preparing for next time? Buffer-stocks? Multi-sourcing? Local manufacturing? Contingency plans? What strategies should we consider in our business continuity planning (BCP) in future?

Your Facilitator

Sarah Blackie is an independent management consultant and commercial ninja specialising in procurement based in Wellington, New Zealand.

She has a rich history in procurement including until recently, over five years as director of procurement at XERO.



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Date Entered 06/05/2020